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Bethel Lutheran Church

bethel lutheran church in wahpeton nd logo

We helped Bethel Lutheran Church in Wahpeton, North Dakota, design and build a completely revamped website that features their new branding and logo, along with bright, bold colors, and a user-friendly way to see all the ministry areas and ways to get involved. The site structure was reorganized and redesigned, splitting the pages into two areas – the main navigation speaks to the guest, or potential new attendee. The hamburger menu, or condensed sidebar navigation, speaks to current Bethel members and people familiar with the church.

The website also features the ability to stream worship and easily find past services, an event calendar, a highlight of their youth programs and integrates multiple contact and registration forms.

In addition to the website, a new logo and brand was developed for the church as they move into the next season. The ‘B’ icon, that also looks like a heart, was designed per their motto of  “BE.THE.Love” which also spells their church name, Bethel. The B icon is used in a variety of colors throughout the brand to identify different ministry areas.

Work Performed

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Website

bethel lutheran church logo on gray
bethel lutheran church in wahpeton website screenshots mock up
bethel blue logo
bethel wahpeton icons