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You can expect thorough, complete, creative product. Details are important and rushed design isn't our style.

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High-quality design that is unique, that stands out, and that enhances your brand is our priority.

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Thought is put into each project and then design revolves around being functional, clean, and easy to understand or navigate.

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We strive to be a trusted resource, one who is responsive and knowledgeable, who can execute projects without a lot of guidance.




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Whitney Fischer

Owner, Lead Design

I've been in the graphic design and marketing industry for over ten years and have been tinkering with websites for almost just as long. My expertise lies in clear messaging, clean design, and staying true to (while enhancing) your brand. I'm no stranger to juggling multiple projects and am able to shift gears quickly as deadlines and priorities change.

My past work experience includes a handful of years at a boutique creative agency and time working on in-house marketing teams. In the spring of 2022, I jumped in headfirst to entrepreneurship, and the WISH Design brand evolved slowly behind the scenes, with its official launch in 2023.

Outside of the home office, I get to do my favorite job – be 'Mom' to 3 girls! They keep me on my toes, my to-do list very busy, and most of all, my cup overflowing. I also enjoy reading, being outside when it's warm, and doing yoga when I can find the time.